Global Corporate College is committed to helping employers realize the full potential of their workforce. Founded by leaders of entrepreneurial colleges and universities, our unique organization leverages the best learning industry practices with the resources of accredited academic institutions. Global Corporate College provides the highest quality training and performance improvement support to employers worldwide by providing:

  •  Innovative and flexible training
  •  Variety of proven training methods
  •  Diverse content areas delivered in multiple languages
  •  Highly qualified local trainers
  •  Global state of the art facilities

Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to provide learning support services that build a high performance workforce and enable employees at every level to contribute to their organization’s  success.

Dr. Denise Reading
Dr. Denise Reading President, Global Corporate College

“Large multi-state, multi-national corporations are challenged regarding how best to develop their people. With our unique solutions development and delivery system, Global Corporate College provides training that results in consistency in delivery and outcomes.

Global Corporate College was founded to provide consistent, strategic, just-in-time employee development to support business priorities across multiple time zones, locations, and languages. We provide:

• A dedicated network of community colleges and universities in the United States

• Global partners in 24 countries – the largest, multi-modal, human capital development network in the world

This results in the right delivery modality for each initiative to assure the greatest level of positive impact on the learner while recognizing limitations of the environment. Because of the flexibility of our network, we match the learning delivery model to the learning capability of the participant.

We provide consistent training in the way that your workforce needs it, whether face-to-face, online, via Webinar or a combination of modalities. Training is delivered consistently across your footprint.

Global Corporate College trains trainers from start to finish on delivering customized, contextualized content. Global Corporate College is wherever you are, with “boots on the ground” within 30 minutes of each of your locations.

The point is to make training stick… to make it work for your leadership and workforce. Global Corporate College understands how brains learn, designs solutions accordingly, and then delivers learning solutions via the world’s experts.”