Our Offerings

Global Corporate College is a full-service training and performance improvement organization, with extensive experience designing and managing comprehensive education and training programs.  Our training, development and support services include:

  • Training needs assessments
  • Instructor-led and web-based training and e-learning development and delivery
  • Tabletop exercises, simulations, and case studies
  • Video vignette training and information programs
  • Self-directed, web based learning reinforcement activities
  • Skill assessment pre and post testing
  • Training evaluation plans
  • Program administration
  • Registration services
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Facilities rentals

 I participated in the Train-The-Trainer that was offered by GCC.  This program helped me in my job in ways that go beyond training.  I use what I learned about how adults learn and how everyone is different in my day to day management all the time now.  I hope we are having more of these GCC Programs.  I will be there.

Potash Corp



Productivity Improvement

Global Corporate College provides integrated training and development solutions that prove education can accelerate the performance of an organization by enabling its workforce to adopt the new concepts, new actions and new behaviors that are required by the business strategy. Our Productivity Improvement services include:

• Consulting Services – We can help you develop a learning strategy that aligns training and development with your key organizational objectives. We work with you to design learning strategy implementation plans, build stakeholder support and help you demonstrate the positive impact of learning investments on the business.

• Tailored Assessment Services – By helping you choose and implement the right assessment tool, we work with you to identify and prioritize areas for improvement and align your learning programs to support required skills and competencies.

• Return on Investment Analysis – Whether measuring traditional participant metrics (Kirkpatrick’s Levels 1-4) or quantifying the impact on operational business metrics we help you prove the value of learning to your organization.


Existing Courses

Global Corporate College designs learning content to create new skills, develop new knowledge, and create long term behavioral change.  We believe learning is a process not an event, and our learning content includes innovative pre and post learning reinforcement and developmental coaching activities to extend the learning process.   For increased flexibility, Global Corporate College content is developed in a modular format that facilitates seamless reuse and repurpose across multiple delivery formats, courses, learning objectives and audiences. These modules can be rapidly integrated and contextualized to address each client’s unique solution. Our blended learning solutions scale quickly and cost effectively across an entire organization. 

Global Corporate College course offerings are prepared with complete documentation including Facilitator and Participant materials and pre and post course learning assessments and learning reinforcement activities.  To drive home the learning, all the courses offer a highly interactive forum with role playing, simulations, case studies, and action planning based on real-life business challenges.   

Take a look at our featured course offerings.

Ciena Certifications

Homeland Security

Lean Six Sigma

Manager and Supervisor

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2010

Professional Development

Solution Development

The Global Corporate College team tailors client solutions to have the greatest impact on changed behavior and workforce productivity.  We draw from business strategy experts; professional educators; instructional designers and learning technology specialists; and coaches from every industry.  And, we partner with leading subject matter experts and global organizations as needed.  In addition to the topics identified in the Existing Courses section, our client tailored solutions have encompassed a wide range of human capital challenges including:

  • Cyber and Homeland Security
  • Workplace English Language Programs
  • Financial and Business Acumen
  • Professional Development
  • Proprietary Training for new Technology and Processes
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Spanish Language Programs for Supervisors and Managers
  • High Potential and Management Development Programs
 Patricia Hughes

Solution Delivery

Global Corporate College collaborates with our clients to determine the most effective method for training and development delivery for their organization. Training and development can be accomplished in many ways including instructor-led classroom or web-based delivery, elearning, action learning, guided feedback and coaching.  We believe learning is an experience not just an event, and we emphasize the use of ongoing learning reinforcement activities.  In every instance we work with you to determine the methods that will achieve the greatest impact within your organization.

Global Corporate College’s core business is providing employee-sponsored education and training for working adults.  Regardless of delivery method we apply key principles of adult learning to every course or training service we deliver.

  • Establish clear links between what is being learned and the participant’s job responsibilities
  • Encourage participants to indicate how they perceive they will apply content to job and provide feedback on how the learning will benefit them
  • Use interactive design and limit use of lecture
  • Engage the learner in discussions about the concepts and provide hands-on practice opportunities
  • Use proven facilitators with experience in the client’s industry

Geraldine Weiser

Our Facilities

Our-Facilities-1Through its membership network, Global Corporate College provides modern, state-of-the-art facilities for its on the ground training programs. Additionally, many of these facilities can be rented by organizations for their own use through Global Corporate College. These facilities include general purpose classrooms, smart classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms, and meeting catering services.



Program Administration

Whether serving as the project manager for a training program across several locations, or delivering a training class at a single site, Global Corporate College provides a single point of contact and accountability for the administration and delivery of training and development. Our services are delivered seamlessly through a network of accredited colleges, universities and global partners. Our global access to educational facilities, providers, and educational content enables us to rapidly deploy established tools, processes and experiences for our clients and accelerate the success of their training solutions.  And, our flexible, customized approach means that every solution is created and tailored to achieve the unique goals of each client.

Global Corporate College program administration offerings includes:

  • Communication and registration
  • Logistics for instructors, scheduling, facilities and materials
  • Delivery of program, course or service
  • Certifications and college academic credits
  • Individual Development Plan creation and tracking
  • Degree planning and education planning services
  • Vendor management
  • Tuition assistance
  • Quality Assessment
  • Consolidated  invoicing, payment and reporting