Kim Milne – Project Manager

(440) 793-0202 x 111

Kim’s focus is on maintaining the progress and mutual interaction and tasks of various parties in such a way that reduces the risk of overall failure, maximizes benefits, and controls costs. The project manager tasks can be different for each project and we are here to help you determine what those needs are.  Kim joined Global Corporate College in 2008, ensuring the highest level of customer service to her clients.

Kim worked 34 years in a school district in the western suburb of Cleveland.  Of the 34 years she served 27 years in the Superintendent’s office and has a broad knowledge in customer service, budgeting, organization, and planning.  Kim is ready to help make sure that your project flows seamlessly and with great results.

Geraldine Weiser

Geraldine Weiser – Director, Client Services and Quality Assurance

(440) 793-0202 x 110

Geraldine’s focus is on delivering targeted professional development solutions with measurable results for the individuals and the companies that employ them.  Her span of control includes delivery by trainers and all logistical components associated with training delivery, as well as monitoring quality and ensuring processes have a continuous feedback loop.  Geraldine joined Global Corporate College in 2010, ensuring the highest level of customer service to our important clients.

Geraldine’s career spans both public and private sectors, always having a focus on systems and processes for optimal results.  She has a broad knowledge and experience base that includes analysis, information technology, corporate purchasing and marketing.  She has worked for the private sector in five different industries before entering the world of education as Executive Director of Corporate College, a division of Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland.  Geraldine stands with her team ready to serve all our clients with the highest level of quality and customer service.

Margarita Shulman

Margarita Shulman – Director of Global Business Development 

(440) 793-0202 x 115

Margarita’s focus is to strengthen and grow our international service capabilities through vetting, communication, evaluation, certification and development of global delivery partners. Margarita’s primary goal is to ensure trusted, long term collaboration and high quality performance of delivery teams throughout the world and ensuring client and partner satisfaction.  Margarita also serves as a dedicated project manager to manage the global components of client initiatives.

Margarita’s career spans government, non profit, and the corporate realm. Prior to her role at the Global Corporate College, Margarita served as Director of International Visitors Programs working in conjunction with the State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Margarita established working relationships with varying partners including Embassy selected visiting international delegations, National Programming Agencies, representatives of government agencies, private businesses, non-profits and ethnic and community groups.  Margarita continues to use her global contacts in the education and corporate sectors to promote and expand the Global Corporate College outreach.


Ryan OuelletteRyan Ouellette – Project Manager- Asia-Pacific, Global Corporate College 

(440) 793-0202 x 121

Ryan currently works at Global Corporate College as a Project Manager for the Asia-Pacific region.  Previously, he worked with the Cleveland Council on World Affairs as a Senior Program Officer where he managed professional exchange programs for emerging leaders from all over the world.  Additional experience includes teaching at a university in northern Iraq, serving as a City Year volunteer with AmeriCorps and managing youth programs for a small social service agency.  Ryan has a BS in Finance and a dual master’s degree in Public Administration & Diplomacy from Seton Hall University. Originally from New Hampshire, Ryan moved to Cleveland in 2013.