Global Corporate College provides integrated training and development solutions that prove education can accelerate the performance of an organization by enabling its workforce to adopt the new concepts, new actions and new behaviors that are required by the business strategy. Our Productivity Improvement services include:

  • Consulting Services  – We can help you develop a learning strategy that aligns training and development with your key organizational objectives. We work with you to design learning strategy implementation plans, build stakeholder support and help you demonstrate the positive impact of learning investments on the business.
  • Tailored Assessment Services – By helping you choose and implement the right assessment tool, we work with you to  identify and prioritize areas for improvement and align your learning programs to support required skills and competencies.
  • Return on Investment Analysis – Whether measuring traditional participant metrics (Kirkpatrick’s Levels 1-4) or quantifying the impact on operational business metrics we  help you prove the value of learning to your organization.