Whether serving as the project manager for a training program across several locations, or delivering a training class at a single site, Global Corporate College provides a single point of contact and accountability for the administration and delivery of training and development. Our services are delivered seamlessly through a network of accredited colleges, universities and global partners. Our global access to educational facilities, providers, and educational content enables us to rapidly deploy established tools, processes and experiences for our clients and accelerate the success of their training solutions.  And, our flexible, customized approach means that every solution is created and tailored to achieve the unique goals of each client.

Global Corporate College program administration offerings includes:

  • Communication and registration
  • Logistics for instructors, scheduling, facilities and materials
  • Delivery of program, course or service
  • Certifications and college academic credits
  • Individual Development Plan creation and tracking
  • Degree planning and education planning services
  • Vendor management
  • Tuition assistance
  • Quality Assessment
  • Consolidated  invoicing, payment and reporting