Global Corporate College collaborates with our clients to determine the most effective method for training and development delivery for their organization. Training and development can be accomplished in many ways including instructor-led classroom or web-based delivery, elearning, action learning, guided feedback and coaching.  We believe learning is an experience not just an event, and we emphasize the use of ongoing learning reinforcement activities.  In every instance we work with you to determine the methods that will achieve the greatest impact within your organization.

Global Corporate College’s core business is providing employee-sponsored education and training for working adults.  Regardless of delivery method we apply key principles of adult learning to every course or training service we deliver.

  • Establish clear links between what is being learned and the participant’s job responsibilities
  • Encourage participants to indicate how they perceive they will apply content to job and provide feedback on how the learning will benefit them
  • Use interactive design and limit use of lecture
  • Engage the learner in discussions about the concepts and provide hands-on practice opportunities
  • Use proven facilitators with experience in the client’s industry

Geraldine Weiser